*9:30 am – Health Dept contacts me to say our COVID tests came back negative, but we have to remain in quarantine for the remainder of our 14 days.

*Did the math. We’re not halfway yet.

*10:00 am – woke the kid from his fake sleeping and told him he was late for homeschool.

Me me
Told him to carry the trash up to the top of the drive since it’s getting picked up in the morning. He replied with, “How ‘bout we consider them paid in advance for next week?”*After signing in to Google Classroom I heard him yell, “Hey Mom! What day did we get kicked out of school? I’m tryin’ to decide what work to do.”*Seems he found schoolwork that didn’t need completed, so I made him work on his Eagle Scout proposal.*He turned up his battle scene music playlist really loud.*Entered his room, gagged, and felt a twinge of jealousy for my husband’s lost sense of smell.*Was given the profound greeting of, “Mom! Welcome to a BOY’S room? You know we guys have a thing called night sweats.”*Stopped him before he told me anything else that boys do at night.*Sent him and his putrid laundry out for a Home Ec lesson while I comparison shopped for napalm and cute hazmat apparel.*Heard evil laughter coming from the laundry room as I was dislodging a pencil from the robo-vac.*2:00 pm. Dismissed school and put a positive spin on negative results with a little glass of NyQuil.

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