Peter Parker (AKA Spiderman) has spidey sense, an extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger. I have a spidey stick. It’s not a superpower. It’s a stick. But it does keep me a step ahead of a certain imminent threat… the spider web. 

This year has brought all of us closer to home. By that I mean homebound. Because of COVID we’ve self isolated, social distanced, quarantined, and stirred up a whole new level of stir-crazy. To get me through the world shutting down, my choice of zen was sitting on my deck and soaking up some sunshine and fresh air. I quickly learned that sharing the outdoors meant moments of weakness in awareness. More specifically, walking into spider webs.

For a couple of months that I call “spider season”, I battled the Three Arachne-migos. They had to have been direct descendants of Charlotte. They created geometric masterpieces that cocooned my house nightly. If there’s a spider web Hall of Fame, I have some inductee candidates lurking around my porches. 

The Three Arachne-migos made a plan to target the three entrances into my house. Every night, the Three Arachne-migos would position themselves at the top corner of their designated door and, as soon as the lights went out, their butts got busy. If I happened to wake before dawn and turn on the porchlight, I would see the web and gasp at how wonderfully and frightfully it was woven. I don’t know if it was my imagination or the homespun comedy of the ‘migos, but I’m sure I saw the words, “ha ha” written in the weave.

Coronatine did not give me much drive to wake up early, however. Most “mornings” (okay, early afternoons) I would shuffle with my coffee toward the deck and there began my groundhog day encounter with the ‘migos. Every day, over and over, I would walk right into the previous night’s creation. My face and hair would be engulfed in the sticky staticky silk and I would halt and backup. As if you can actually back out of a spiderweb. Nope, I’d do the “I’m entangled” dance that I’m sure looked like some kind of meerkat mating call. I spit and sputtered the web out of my mouth. I flagged my arms to shake it off. I groomed my hair like a chimpanzee to get every spider snotball out. Of course I hopped and shook violently in the horrifying case that the spider was actually somewhere on me.

The mother of the ‘migos was the spider that resided on my beloved deck. After the initial ambush and excessive recovery routine, I would make my way to my seat. There I found more of Mama Migo’s masterpieces stretched from tree to table to deck chair. That’s when I would duck and dodge the ziplines until I found a stick. I would hold the stick out in a Potter vs. Voldemort stance and begin swinging and spinning it until all of the silk was cleared. I’m not gonna lie, I would actually apologize to Mama Migo and her little Charlottes when I wrapped their web around my spidey stick. I knew the work they had cut out for them in order to try to snag me the next morning, or at the very least weave a bad word into their web. 

Eventually I found THE stick, a perfect length and weight to warp the webs and walk on through. I keep my wizard web wand right next to the door. I am finally in the habit of lowering myself, grabbing the spidey stick, wrapping the barrier around it, standing upright, and proudly proceeding. 

Spider season seems to have passed. The three Arachne-migos have settled their butts down.  There are still daily trails strung along my deck furniture but they are minimal. My spidey stick is always in reach so I can tidy up.

I’m actually thankful for the spider webs. Even though they are hard to see, it is very easy to feel their presence. I wish the dangers of sin were a little more like spider webs. I wish I could immediately feel the attack of the enemy and shake it off. Satan is not like a spider. He does attack with evil, but so often we don’t see or feel the entrapment. We need spidey sense, an extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger. We have it. It’s called conviction. Listen carefully to the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart. Don’t walk into the web. Be alert and aware of the attacks of our enemy. Be conscious of the warnings we find in God’s Word and Spirit. God’s Word is described as a sword. He’s given you a spidey stick; use it to remove the webs before they entangle you.

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Hebrews 4:12

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