I’ve been a victim of seasonal blues ever since we set the clocks back. Haters, ya’ll need to brace yourselves. I put my Christmas decorations up. If it’s going to be dark at suppertime, then there should be a tree and garland sparkling with lights. My mission: snap out of my bout with depression. 

Decorating for Christmas is almost always a two day task, but I happened to be home alone this weekend so I tackled it with no distractions. By bedtime on day one, every trinket and stocking was in its place and every candle holder had a fresh new candle. My backache would rival a nightmare before Christmas so I found myself moving one limb at a time into my bed. I expected the upbeat mood to come when I didn’t feel so beat up. 

Having the house to myself is a free pass to sleep in. I didn’t. I woke at a ridiculously early hour, turned on the Christmas lights and waited to be flooded with joy. I wasn’t. So I turned to my gift stashes. I’m one of the “all year long” shoppers so I have a significant chunk of my gifts already purchased. I had a  brilliant “snap out of it” second plan: wrap the gifts. 

I restock my 500 ft roll of ribbon every other year or so; one silver and one gold. I get the kind with foil edges and designs for the perfect compliment to my elegant paper. I smoothed out my king size bedspread and set up camp: Amazon boxes, scissors, tape, marker, gift tags, gift wrap, and ribbon. With the Christmas playlist making it’s added effort to pep me up, I started in. This year it was the silver ribbon that was replaced. I peeled off the plastic, unrolled a long strand, wrapped it around and around into the perfect bow, finished off the masterpiece with the gift tag and carried it to its place under the tree. When I came back, I found my bed to be covered in sprinkles of glitter. GLITTER! I didn’t get foil accented ribbon, the design was made with glitter! You know how this goes. I looked down and my arms and legs were covered in glitter. I could already see an annoying sparkle stuck to my cheek. Oh my God… glitter. Glitter in the bed of all places! I’m going to look like a sparkly fat snowman until at least St. Patrick’s Day. 

Glitter really is an attractive and aggravating decoration that is straight from the lowest level of Hell. It sticks to everything. There is no brushing it off. The little robo-vac can’t even conquer that stuff. Glitter can only be removed by deep house cleaning. But it does look pretty. I have about 400 more feet of glitter bespeckled ribbon. I’m planning to cover the bed with the dog’s blanket for the rest of my gift wrapping sessions. Maybe a sparkly canine will be the ultimate solution to my melancholy mood. 

It’s really hard to say this, but I’m thankful for the glitter. I need to be reminded that evil and sin can appear sparkly and attractive. It’s the attractive sin that is the hardest to brush off. It manages to get in every crevice of our surroundings. It sticks to us. It can only be removed by a thorough cleaning. If any is left behind, it will make its way back into our heart. I’m thankful for the challenge to see beyond the attraction and do some serious heart cleaning. Oh this one is tough. I want the dazzle to outshine the deception, but it must be seen for what it is and it must be acknowledged. 

What’s sticking to you? I urge you to join me in some deep cleaning of the heart and experience the freedom from a gloomy spiritual life that comes with a season of glittery deception. I challenge you to display something much more attractive than glitter, the joy of the Lord. It will come and it will be good because He is good. So good.

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