I absolutely love going through the carwash. I have a monthly no limits victory lap membership for a couple of reasons. One, I live out in the country where the driveway is always either dusty or muddy. Two, I have a black car. My husband almost refused to get the car, warning me that black shows dirt worse than any other color. I actually embraced the challenge because I knew it would never feel like a chore to get a carwash.

My favorite carwash is the one where I pull onto a conveyor belt and glide through the suds. I take a deep breath and smell the wax. I’m delighted by all the colors of foam. The rollers glide over the windshield and I have a little victory over unfortunate bug guts and bird poop. There are even colored lights for each section as you pass through bug prep, pre-rinse, soak, soap, wax, and spot free rinse.

The finishing touch is the blow dry. Huge vents that rival jet engines blow the water across the hood until the smallest beads slide all the way off. It can be a little unnerving when the windows and mirrors vibrate, but I consider it assurance that I’m getting top notch drying service. I sit a little taller in the driver’s seat as I exit.

Before you ever enter this fantastic bath, you have to read the instructions. 1 – put the car in neutral. 2 – hands off the steering wheel. 3 – feet off the pedals. I have to admit that yielding all those natural instincts took some training. It’s everything you’re taught NOT to do in driver’s ed. But you can’t fight the process or you won’t benefit from the cleansing. 

I’m thankful for the car wash. I’m thankful for its instructions. They remind me of what it takes to be spiritually cleansed. When the windshield of my faith is splattered with sin and my shoulders bear the weight of muddy circumstances, I have to yield control. I have to go through each stage of the process without putting my hands on the wheel. It is only through complete surrender that I can be like new again. 

Are you dusty? Muddy? Holding on too tight? Take your hands off the wheel and your feet off the pedals. Yield to the Holy Spirit and be cleansed of all unrighteousness. Part of the process may feel turbulent, but the end result is a calling that lifts you high above sin and shame. You will be called a child of God. You will be renewed. 

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