I happened to catch a glance of some grass floats out on the river today. It’s peculiar because the river was really calm. During flooding season, it’s not uncommon to see giant portions of grass being carried down the rough current. I often wonder where they broke off and where they will land. I’ve seen them get hung up on an island across the river and stay for days. I suspect that portions of land will eventually root and thrive in a new place when the waters recede.

The grass floats make me think of being grounded. How sturdy is my faith’s foundation? Am I strong enough for the flood waters? 

There was a time when I thought my faith was unshakeable. I thought I was firmly grounded on the bank of the river. But I was challenged and I failed. My foundation was shaken. I let loose and tore away from what I knew was right and safe and healthy. I did unthinkable things as I raged down a river of rebellion. I eventually was faced with a choice. I could continue playing in the water; floating over wavelets and charging over rapids. Or I could get back to the bank, attach myself to a safe place, and re-root. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t chosen to return to the riverbank, the water would have destroyed me. I wouldn’t recognize the faith that I once identified with. I would be ravaged and ripped apart and blended into the water.

I’m thankful for these grass floats that remind me of where I was, where I went, and where I’m from. It’s my testimony. The foundation of faith in God is always the right place. Always. I have since faced the floods but I have not been ripped from my foundation because I am committed to my surrender. It has not been easy. The waves have beat against me. They have pulled at me. I’ve found myself hanging by a very thin line. It has not been hard either. Having traveled down the river on my own gives me a point of reference for my bad choices and I don’t want to go back. I will choose the riverbank. I will choose the foundation. I will choose being grounded. I choose God. Everytime.

If you are struggling in raging waters, I pray that you will turn to the shore. Catch it.  Hold on to it. Get grounded in the gift of eternal life. Choose God.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

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