I walked into the staff restroom this morning and saw two unopened rolls of toilet paper. What are they thinking leaving that valuable stuff out for just anyone to take? It’s a tease… here is something you can’t get at stores. Here is something you need. Here it is sitting right in front of you and it’s not yours.

Why? Why is this stuff so valuable and unobtainable? It makes no sense at all. How is toilet paper related to COVID? How about this… It’s something you can hold on to and right now, people need something to hold on to. You can see toilet paper, you can touch it, you can hold on to it and feel satisfied that for now, your comfort zone is secure. COVID is real. There are all kinds of thoughts and opinions on the disease, its spread, and its effect on our lives. But the thing about COVID is that we can’t see the disease, only it’s ramifications. We can’t touch the symptoms, we can only feel them. It’s unknown and intangible. It feels very frightening. The coping mechanism is often a focus on what is familiar. For some, that is family and friends. For others, it is going out for entertainment. For many, for some reason, at this moment in time, the comfort is knowing you won’t run out of toilet paper.

Faith is unseen. You can’t physically hold on to it. It is often palpable, but you can’t actually feel it with your human senses. The Bible says it is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This Sunday marks thirty-three years since the day I put my faith in Christ. In thirty-three years I haven’t abandoned my faith, but it’s not always the first thing I turn to when I’m frightened or uncomfortable. I want what my hands can hold; what my eyes can see. I want my comfort zone to be physical, not palpable. I want the toilet paper. And yet, when I reach out to grasp nothing and cry out in desperation, it is in faith that I find my comfort.

I claim a strong faith in Christ, but I don’t back it up with substance or evidence in the unseen things I hope for and believe in. I don’t know when I’m going to learn this lesson. There are days I knock it out of the park. Some would wonder why something critical doesn’t bother me and the easy answer is faith. There are days when I absolutely tank. It may be a significant tragedy or a simple schedule change that finds me grasping for what I can hold and it isn’t enough.

I’m thankful I have some toilet paper in my pantry. I never saw that coming in my “thirty days”, but I’m thankful for the reminder that the tangibles only bring temporary comfort. My comfort is ultimately a result of my faith in the Lord who gave his life so that I can have life. Everything from toilet paper to my family’s well being brings me temporary comfort. If it’s all taken away and all I have is faith in God, it is truly all I need.

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