THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 7: A CROSS AMONGST THE CARNAGE I like to collect crosses from places I visit. I like wearable souvenirs. Whenever I wear the cross I bought at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, someone inevitably tells me that it’s backwards. It isn’t but it does look that way. It’s a … Continue reading A CROSS AMONGST THE CARNAGE


This is how I’ve seen his face for the past three weeks: a screen between us. But today I saw THIS! A smile. A genuine, eye-sparkling, teeth showing, leaning in smile! You know what he was smiling at? Not another YouTube video. Not a win on a video game. Not even a friend’s message on … Continue reading ZOOM IN ON A GRIN

Thank you New York

Thank you New York.  Where monumental towers once reached into the sky, a monumental memorial now pours healing into their footprint. Where chaotic debris was tirelessly and carefully removed, calm water endlessly cascades into your soul. The pit, where papers drifted aimlessly down to broken blocks and bars, now hosts a park where leaves flutter … Continue reading Thank you New York