(Our peanut allergy research journey. May 20) ROLL TRIBE. His story is about so much more than peanut allergy and our escape from it. He's a Warrior. And there's a story about that. My husband and I are Warriors, too. We graduated together, married and had children, but he and I didn't get married until … Continue reading ROLL TRIBE


(Our peanut allergy research journey. May 13.) CRYING OVER BUG BITES. I'm hiding on the other side of my bedroom door while my son watches TV and tries to hide his misery from me. I'm crying over bug bites. He went next door to see my sister; to hang out at his second home. And … Continue reading CRYING OVER BUG BITES

31 pages

(Our peanut allergy research journey. April 29th.) 31 PAGES I received this set of life-changing paperwork ninety-one days ago. I wouldn't let myself read it until now. I called it "31 pages of don't get your hopes up". It's actually a consent form for enrolling my  son into a clinical trial for patients with peanut … Continue reading 31 pages