THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 19: CARWASH CONTROL I absolutely love going through the carwash. I have a monthly no limits victory lap membership for a couple of reasons. One, I live out in the country where the driveway is always either dusty or muddy. Two, I have a black car. My husband almost … Continue reading CARWASH CONTROL


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 18: TAKEN TIME I don’t like it when my husband wants to do home improvement. I love him, but he’s a “Mr. Didn’t Fixit”. His brother is our handyman. He will almost always be needed to fix what my husband “fixed”.  One Saturday, Doug came home with a … Continue reading TAKEN TIME


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 15: A VETERAN’S STANDARD Although Arkansas has been my home for most of my life, I wasn’t raised here. My parents were both in the Navy. In those days, women were discharged if they were pregnant so my mom served until I came along. My dad retired after … Continue reading DAY 15: A VETERAN’S STANDARD