THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 28: THE TP TEASEI walked into the staff restroom this morning and saw two unopened rolls of toilet paper. What are they thinking leaving that valuable stuff out for just anyone to take? It’s a tease… here is something you can’t get at stores. Here is something you … Continue reading THE TP TEASE


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 11: SPIDEY STICK Peter Parker (AKA Spiderman) has spidey sense, an extraordinary ability to sense imminent danger. I have a spidey stick. It’s not a superpower. It’s a stick. But it does keep me a step ahead of a certain imminent threat… the spider web.  This year has … Continue reading SPIDEY STICK


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING DAY 1: PAPIER MACHE Yesterday I subbed in Art Class. My sweet friend, the Art teacher, trusted me to lead her sweet students through the much anticipated introduction to papier mache. Blow up a balloon, tape some aluminum foil ears and eyebrows to it, and cover it with “plastercraft” … Continue reading PAPIER MACHE


Yesterday I cried. Not constantly, just several times throughout the whole day. The kind of cry where the tears come and I can’t stop them but I do. I didn’t reach the ugly cry. My eyes weren’t puffy and purple and burning. I wiped just enough tears off my cheeks to smooth out my makeup … Continue reading YESTERDAY I CRIED