*9:30 am - Health Dept contacts me to say our COVID tests came back negative, but we have to remain in quarantine for the remainder of our 14 days. *Did the math. We're not halfway yet. *10:00 am - woke the kid from his fake sleeping and told him he was late for homeschool. Me … Continue reading CORONATINE DAY 6


Yesterday I cried. Not constantly, just several times throughout the whole day. The kind of cry where the tears come and I can’t stop them but I do. I didn’t reach the ugly cry. My eyes weren’t puffy and purple and burning. I wiped just enough tears off my cheeks to smooth out my makeup … Continue reading YESTERDAY I CRIED


I'm in a very bad mood because things didn't go exactly, EXACTLY, the way I wanted them to go today.  I'm not generally an angry person at all. If you've known me for more than a couple of weeks then you've likely taken a jab at me or joined me in a laugh at my … Continue reading MYSTERY VICTORY


Towns across America, large and small, have a certain electricity in the air during football season. I work at a small school district in a small town. Friday Night Lights begins when the first bell rings on Friday morning. Our players walk the halls in their jerseys. The Cheerleaders gather in the library to make … Continue reading SIGNS OF VICTORY


Tonight was the last game of the Jr. High season. Coleman is officially part of the Sr. High football team now. Along with the other ninth grade players, he has been invited to join the afternoon practices. It is the arrival of the ninth grade athlete. The passing of the pigskin from a bonded brotherhood … Continue reading THE SENIOR LINEUP