CORONATINE DAY 3*Sent home from work because I was exposed to my husband 3 days before… turns out he’s positive for the Rona.*Cried a lot and ate a cheeseburger*Watched The Real Housewives. CORONATINE DAY 4*Parked at the orange cones in front of the Heath Dept. Secretly wondered if my fine would be doubled for speeding … Continue reading CORONATINE


Yesterday I cried. Not constantly, just several times throughout the whole day. The kind of cry where the tears come and I can’t stop them but I do. I didn’t reach the ugly cry. My eyes weren’t puffy and purple and burning. I wiped just enough tears off my cheeks to smooth out my makeup … Continue reading YESTERDAY I CRIED


Towns across America, large and small, have a certain electricity in the air during football season. I work at a small school district in a small town. Friday Night Lights begins when the first bell rings on Friday morning. Our players walk the halls in their jerseys. The Cheerleaders gather in the library to make … Continue reading SIGNS OF VICTORY


Today’s list of the forgotten: glasses, school clothes, football mouthguard, and epi-pens. I’d like to say it’s unusual for my son to forget that many things in one day. I’d like to say that’s where today’s list will end, but I also like to say, “day ain’t over yet”. If he forgets only one thing … Continue reading FORGOTTEN

All In On The Sideline

(originally posted October 25, 2018) This is an excerpt from the "thirty days of thanks, thirty days of giving" series I posted on my Facebook in November. Football practice started last week and I'm re-posting at the request of friends who don't have Facebook. #thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgiving Day 1: Just under a year ago, I found … Continue reading All In On The Sideline