This is how I’ve seen his face for the past three weeks: a screen between us. But today I saw THIS! A smile. A genuine, eye-sparkling, teeth showing, leaning in smile! You know what he was smiling at? Not another YouTube video. Not a win on a video game. Not even a friend’s message on … Continue reading ZOOM IN ON A GRIN


I'm in a very bad mood because things didn't go exactly, EXACTLY, the way I wanted them to go today.  I'm not generally an angry person at all. If you've known me for more than a couple of weeks then you've likely taken a jab at me or joined me in a laugh at my … Continue reading MYSTERY VICTORY


(Our peanut allergy research journey. December 2nd) Today was a big day...BIG. I looked forward to this day for months. Our last updose. The target was 300mg of peanut powder; the equivalent of one peanut. With no reaction to today's dose, we would officially be in "maintenance". We would continue to dose 300mg indefinitely to … Continue reading FAMILY, FRIENDS, FAITH


Towns across America, large and small, have a certain electricity in the air during football season. I work at a small school district in a small town. Friday Night Lights begins when the first bell rings on Friday morning. Our players walk the halls in their jerseys. The Cheerleaders gather in the library to make … Continue reading SIGNS OF VICTORY


(Our peanut allergy research journey. May 20) ROLL TRIBE. His story is about so much more than peanut allergy and our escape from it. He's a Warrior. And there's a story about that. My husband and I are Warriors, too. We graduated together, married and had children, but he and I didn't get married until … Continue reading ROLL TRIBE