BETRAYAL  The pain of betrayal is probably the most confusing kind of pain. Sadness, anger, shock, disappointment, and fear fly at you in a whirlwind of blindsides. These feelings don't surface in typical misunderstandings or aggravation. These feelings come from the broken trust of someone you love deeply; someone you believe loves you deeply. A … Continue reading BETRAYAL


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 29: DOGGONE DRYER SHEETSHere is why I think dogs have the capacity to make a plan and execute it with clandestine craftiness. Dryer sheets. I have two dogs, Molly and Breesie. One of them is challenging me with dryer sheets. I hate folding laundry. Worst chore by far. I fold my laundry on … Continue reading DOGGONE DRYER SHEETS


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 28: CANDY CANE BALANCEThere are some things that just taste like Christmas. When I was a kid, I loved Butter Rum Lifesavers from the “storybook” box that Santa always left in my stocking. My sisters and I would sit and crack nuts and eat them while we watched Rudolf and Frosty and The … Continue reading CANDY CANE BALANCE


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 23: CHAOTIC COUNTDOWNSI shamelessly spoil my students. I love Christmas. So when they said they wanted to decorate the classroom for Christmas, I headed to the shop and loaded up some decorations to bring to school. Yes, I went ahead and put my tree up at home. Don’t judge. Do not. As I … Continue reading CHAOTIC COUNTDOWNS


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 22: HAIRCUT FELLOWSHIPEvery six weeks, on Tuesday, at 3:45 pm, I get my hair cut. My hairdresser is TJ. One Tuesday afternoon, TJ was cutting my hair and she said, “You sister is my next appointment.” So I stuck around and visited while TJ cut my sister’s hair. Cindy and I had tons … Continue reading HAIRCUT FELLOWSHIP


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 21: GUARDING AGAINST THE GRINDI’m among the majority of the population who does not like going to the dentist. I get a little short of breath just pulling up to the building. If I’m having any treatment beyond a cleaning, I want the gas. Petroleum, pinto beans, nitrous oxide - if it can … Continue reading GUARDING AGAINST THE GRIND


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 20: BLIND TO THE BROKENESSFor some time now, I've been battling a gnat. The life expectancy of a gnat is two weeks. This particular gnat is apparently immortal. It's also somewhat omnipresent or, at the least, so fond of me that it never leaves the space around my head. When I'm getting ready … Continue reading BLIND TO THE BROKENESS


#thirtydaysofthanks #thirtydaysofgivingDAY 19: PICTURE PERFECTI did something painful this weekend. I agreed to take family photos for my sister. Grownup children and shared custody of grandchildren make for rare times that you can get the whole family together. That rare time was going to occur between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00 on a Saturday … Continue reading PICTURE PERFECT