DAY 2: INTERLOCKING AFTER LOCKDOWNWe all find ourselves in a place where we have to choose our battles. We weigh our desired outcome of confrontation with the big picture and sometimes fighting for what we want isn’t worth the energy. Sidenote: this is the kindergarten level of parenting. Nothing will bring you to your breaking … Continue reading INTERLOCKING AFTER LOCKDOWN


Thirty Days of Thanks and Giving. DAY 14: TODAY’S TEMPERATURE Every morning when I walk into work I have to stop at the temperature station. In the shadow of COVID, one of the precautions requires that the thermometer reads below 100° or entry into the building is denied. I’m a substitute teacher. Students think I’m … Continue reading TODAY’S TEMPERATURE


Yesterday I cried. Not constantly, just several times throughout the whole day. The kind of cry where the tears come and I can’t stop them but I do. I didn’t reach the ugly cry. My eyes weren’t puffy and purple and burning. I wiped just enough tears off my cheeks to smooth out my makeup … Continue reading YESTERDAY I CRIED