THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 9: NOT COOL My refrigerator doesn’t fit in a toaster, but it’s toast. Completely crapped out and needs replaced. I’m living out of a cooler and in my spoiled world, that is not cool. The reason my refrigerator stopped working is because, a couple of weeks ago, the … Continue reading NOT COOL


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 8: MEDICINE MANAGEMENT There is a difference between humility and humiliation. A comparative example: Humility can describe aging gracefully. Humiliation is when that age comes with the need for a pill organizer. It’s not so much about remembering which pills to take and when… for me it was … Continue reading MEDICINE MANAGEMENT


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 4: MAGNIFICENT MIRROR I had cataract surgery earlier this year. It fixed my nearsightedness but no surgeon's scalpel can truly reverse age. I still need “cheaters” (old folk’s name for reading glasses). Before my cataract surgery, I would hold small stuff right at the tip of my nose … Continue reading MAGNIFICENT MIRROR


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 3: SOAKING SCISSORS Yesterday, I was still in the Art Class pits of plaster. I tried relentlessly and failed miserably to keep the classroom from looking like some kind of Narnia snow dusted dungeon. The students had transitioned from forming their artwork to covering it in the plaster … Continue reading SOAKING SCISSORS


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING DAY 1: PAPIER MACHE Yesterday I subbed in Art Class. My sweet friend, the Art teacher, trusted me to lead her sweet students through the much anticipated introduction to papier mache. Blow up a balloon, tape some aluminum foil ears and eyebrows to it, and cover it with “plastercraft” … Continue reading PAPIER MACHE


This year I decided to document my days in a passion planner. It's a calendar, planner, listmaker, reflection journal. I got it because of the clinical trial for Coleman's peanut allergy. Things were happening FAST and BIG, and sometimes slow and small. Years from now, when this research is reality, I want a place to … Continue reading PASSIONATELY THANKFUL