"Where do you want me to put this this lemon crud?" I turned around to see Coleman taking groceries out of the sack and saw him holding the jar of lemon CURD. I chose rolling my eyes over correcting him and told him to put it in the cabinet.  I don't particularly like lemon. But … Continue reading CONTAMINATED CRUD


My mother often describes her childhood as "growing up in a restaurant." The Midway Cafe  divided the East from the West on the main street of Coleraine, Minnesota. It was sandwiched between narrow family businesses that had apartments at the top of very steep staircases. The shoe store had three aisles of shoe boxes stacked … Continue reading FREE REFILLS


I love to travel and I hate cheesy souvenirs and t shirts. My number one collection that grows from every single adventure, trip, or event is memories. Yep - I collect memories. They do get dusty and I realize that with age, my collection will likely deteriorate. But I'm not the only keeper of my … Continue reading MEMORIES


Our peanut allergy research journey. November 19th Tonight has been a marathon of sprints. He finished football practice at 5:30.He was starving but he needed a shower. He also needed to take his dose of peanut powder. He can't dose until one hour after he showers.  He can't sleep for two hours after he doses.  … Continue reading I’M SCARED TO TAKE A SHOWER


Last night, I heard the words that I knew would eventually come, "I'm getting tired of this." I figured he would. Eating chocolate pudding mixed with pasty powder for 127 days in a row would make me gag. But the words didn't come out of his mouth, they came out of mine. It wasn't really … Continue reading PUNCTURED PACKAGES


"Oh it's a perfect day for coffee on the deck!"  Growing up as a Navy Brat, I moved every two years. It seems like our homes always had small cement porches with enough room for a welcome mat. Sometimes the porch stretched into a patio, but I can't remember ever having a deck. It wasn't … Continue reading DECK THE HOUSE…


Well I'm nothing if not a Saturday squirrel chaser…  Today I rose out of bed to tackle a few tasks before heading off to a Scout function. The tasks weren't vague. I didn't get blindsided by any urgent appliance malfunctions, clogged toilets, or doggie disasters. Just simply start some laundry, get Coleman's Scout uniform ready, … Continue reading A PLACE FOR MY PYREX