THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 29: IT'S TIME My teenage son has a peculiar morning routine of waking early, showering, and going back to bed. Sometimes it’s an hour or more before the alarm. I’m onto him. He doesn’t want me to wake him up. He’d rather sacrifice an hour of morning sleep, … Continue reading IT’S TIME


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 28: THE TP TEASEI walked into the staff restroom this morning and saw two unopened rolls of toilet paper. What are they thinking leaving that valuable stuff out for just anyone to take? It’s a tease… here is something you can’t get at stores. Here is something you … Continue reading THE TP TEASE


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 27: PEANUT POWDER Until a few months ago, I didn’t know that peanut powder was something you could buy in a grocery store. My son participated in a clinical trial that used oral immunotherapy for his peanut allergy. He was given very calculated measurements of pharmaceutical grade peanut … Continue reading PEANUT POWDER