THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 17: WEIGHTING PATIENTLY With age comes waiting. Specifically waiting in waiting rooms. Last week my friend accompanied me to my appointment at the eye clinic. Okay, she was my designated driver. There. I said it. I've reached the age where DD means someone to drive you home from … Continue reading WEIGHTING PATIENTLY


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING DAY 16: THE GIFT OF GLITTER I’ve been a victim of seasonal blues ever since we set the clocks back. Haters, ya’ll need to brace yourselves. I put my Christmas decorations up. If it’s going to be dark at suppertime, then there should be a tree and garland sparkling … Continue reading THE GIFT OF GLITTER


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 15: A VETERAN’S STANDARD Although Arkansas has been my home for most of my life, I wasn’t raised here. My parents were both in the Navy. In those days, women were discharged if they were pregnant so my mom served until I came along. My dad retired after … Continue reading DAY 15: A VETERAN’S STANDARD


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 8: MEDICINE MANAGEMENT There is a difference between humility and humiliation. A comparative example: Humility can describe aging gracefully. Humiliation is when that age comes with the need for a pill organizer. It’s not so much about remembering which pills to take and when… for me it was … Continue reading MEDICINE MANAGEMENT


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKS AND GIVING. DAY 4: MAGNIFICENT MIRROR I had cataract surgery earlier this year. It fixed my nearsightedness but no surgeon's scalpel can truly reverse age. I still need “cheaters” (old folk’s name for reading glasses). Before my cataract surgery, I would hold small stuff right at the tip of my nose … Continue reading MAGNIFICENT MIRROR