*Threw in a load of towels. The kid’s bedroom funk was still hovering in the washer. Pushed start anyway. They’re his towels; no harm, no foul.

*Built a $130.00 Walmart pick-up order around “Maytag Affresh” washing machine cleaner that promises to be ten times better than bleach.

*Had plenty of time to do something different with my hair. 1960’s pin curls are still the same disaster that sent us into tears while listening to Simon & Garfunkel.

*Wet my hair and tried blow drying it with my head upside down. Pretty sure I know how a trapeze artist feels after a three ring show.

*The golden retriever look I was going for turned out more like a pug with Korean cartoon hair.

*Stayed with the Anime pug look in hopes of scaring the kid into finishing his schoolwork quickly and hiding in his gag pit bedroom.

*Passed the time by washing the sugar bowl and counting hot chocolate packets since FaceBook is abundantly reminding me that it’s Autumn.

*The kid emerged from the disgusting dungeon and burped. I hid in my room for an hour.

*Heard an elephant stampede race from the dungeon to the laundry room and back.The kid had deposited his “night sweat” bedding in the basket before I had a chance to commit the heinous crime of saying, “Good Morning.” 

*Opened the window and sat on the deck for my morning coffee and wake-up tunes. Came back in to find that air circulation is your friend when quarantining with a teen who suffers from night sweats. 

*Closed the window and turned the AC back on.

*It’s 7:34 am. In two hours and twenty-six minutes, I will stuff my 80’s rocker hair into the car and go to the grocery pick-up. Alone.

*In four hours and twenty-six minutes we will be halfway through our Coronatine. Half. Way.

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